Our Founders

Leslie and Phil

Leslie and Phil, combined, have over 60 years of experience in TV broadcasting and studios.  With Leslie having been a freelance camera man and Phil a freelance sound engineer when they formed a partnership to run a large successful broadcast facility company in London until 2007 when they formed Fat Dog Solutions to specialise in the building and running of studio facilities.


When did you first meet?

Phil “In 1984 I moved to London to join the company where Leslie was working. We met on the first day and after four years of working together we wrote our dream list of kit we would need to start our own company. A bank loan later we founded what became a very large facility company with a strong and loyal client list.”

Why FDS and what makes you a good team?

Leslie “We pride ourselves in looking for the best solutions for our clients.  We facilitate growth and  help our clients get a significant return on their investment.” Phil “Leslie looks at future directions and ‘bigger picture’ ideas, whilst I put them into practice.”

Why the shift to studios?

Phil “After rebuilding a studio in Bristol for two primetime daily TV shows on channel 5 we realised the project had encompassed everything we loved about the broadcast industry.” Leslie “The rapid evolution of digital media has made broadcasting accessible to most size businesses. So now, more than ever, professional quality stands out, and that’s where our expertise excels.”