Studio Design & Installation

Studio build

Our services cover all aspects of a studio build from the initial planning and sketches to commissioning the final technical installation. We make sure every area is analysed in order to provide a studio which fulfils its full potential. 

One of our more unique requests was to build a fully operational television studio facility within a four-wall stills studio in just 6 weeks. Not only were we able to install a fully soundproof studio, floating floor, gallery and dressing rooms but we completed the whole project in under the 6 week time frame. This studio went on to run a prime time BBC series that lasted for 2 years.


We are a ground up studio installer always looking at helping our client’s business grow.


Initial consultation

Face to face meeting discussing and analysing your requirements, both for the present and the future in order to propose the best possible solution moving forward.



Site survey to measure all spaces involved, looking at various design solutions allowing for galleries, editing suites and storage.


Design and sketches

We draw up plans of all the spaces showing proposed uses.


Studio build

The construction phase of the studio includes all building requirements (with our specialist contractors), mechanical and electrical works, as well as acoustic treatment and cabling infrastructure prior to the final phase of install.


Technical Installation

Installation of vision, sound, lighting and networking facilities prior to commissioning.



Our engineers commission all installed equipment ensuring correct operation and configuration for our client’s requirements.



We pride ourselves on our ongoing support to our clients.  The build and installation is only the beginning of our work.